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ChefKey is a multi-faceted social media platform designed for sharing and networking all things food related in a friendly culinary based community. Members in general can share about food, recipes, photos, videos, news, and various events, compete in contests, create custom cookbooks, and give reviews, post links to information including websites, food blogs, and more.

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KeyMeals are Meal Plans designed to inspire all tastes and skill levels while simplifying the tasks of grocery shopping and dinner preparation. All KeyMeal plans have a dedicated community group where you can engage and explore with the meal plans author and others who share similar tastes. Each KeyMeal plan is hand selected and reviewed for greatness!

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ChefKey is a hybrid of today’s top social media, culinary media and deal finding outlets you know and love from around the web. What makes us unique is that we have integrated these features with one another providing a robust platform with a focus on food.

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ChefKey offers 6 unique profile types; Foodie, Chef, Culinary Student, Restaurant, Business/Product, and Organization/Institution/Association to help users network, promote and expound upon their interests, products & services.

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